Community cast friendships - Alison Brie & Gillian Jacobs (1/?)

Gillian: The episode where I made out with my supposed lesbian friend was the first time I’d kissed a girl. I was terrified.

Alison: Aw, Gil! You should have let me know! We could have practiced! (x)

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Guest Star Meme | Gillian Jacobs on Parks & Recreation (cosmicthing)

@Busyphilipps25 and me- if our shows get cancelled next year…

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She had to force him to put down his food and smile. Result: CUTENESS.

Alison: You get more tired just sitting for hours and hours than just running around and feeling cool!
[Gillian giggles]
Alison: Right, Gillian? You know what that’s like!
Gillian: I do, all the time! That’s all I do. Just feel cool and win.
Alison: Right now, winning!
Gillian: Winning.

What advice would the two of you give to Kate and William if you could just pull them aside for a little coffee chat?
Gillian: I don’t know who Kate and William are, so I can’t really speak to them in specific, but I’m sure they’re great kids…
Joel: I think they’re on Bones.