amy pond. the girl who waited all night in your garden. was it worth it?

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The Doctor had an aisle dedicated to him, broken things he had no use for or demmed too dangerous to look after himself. There was a single artifact that had a shelf unto itself. It just sat there, mocking her, with it wonders and mystical shenanigans tightly packed into the shape of a pocketwatch. Claudia’s days were dark; Mrs. Fredrick had taken the metrinome and left her with a warning not to partake in stupid dreams. Steve was dead and her world was dark, dark, dark.

She didn’t even know why she was standing in the Doctor’s aisle, staring at that little gold watch. All she knew was that Artie had glanced at it and told her to put it away. Raising on her toes, Claudia picked up the watch; held it in her hand and felt a million voices call to her. The Doctor would need his watch back…the Doctor would know how to fix it.

Claudia held the watch to her eyelevel, staring with parted lips as it twirrled on it’s chain. “Tick tock.”

“You fix things…right? It’s why they call you the Doctor, isn’t it?”

The Doctor barely heard her, entranced as he was with the object clutched in her hand. “Where did you get that…”

“Artie…I have a bad feeling. Claudia’s missing.”

Artie snapped his head in the direction of the last place he had sent Claudia, his eyes still heavy from his nightmare. “Oh no..”

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doctor who & the time traveler’s wife

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doctor who rewatch: The Wedding Of River Song (6.13)

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“Hello, again.”

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AU MEME: Amy Pond as the Tenth Doctor’s companion

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The Doctor and Clara - Victoriana.

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Favorite Rory quotes.


Guess who’s gonna be the big bad wolf that eats the hero who tries to save her?


Ongoing Doctor Who gifs - Part One

The Doctor stared at the dark haired man in front of him and slowly smirked, surprised by his intellect. “Oh wow. You’re clever. You’re very clever. Can we come in?”

John frowned. “Sir Doctor and Dame Rose? Do you think we’re stupid?”

“No… I just called your partner clever, so obviously not.”

John rolled his eyes as the man and the blonde barged their way in without a care. “We’re not a couple…” he grumbled half-heartedly after them, but nobody listened.

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