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Neil: This one, I’m very excited by. It’s a rabbit cause I’m a magician and I like magic. This one’s a pineapple because I like pina coladas. This one’s a dolphin because I love dolphins. And this one’s a rooster because I love—
Craig: —AAY! Neil Patrick Harris everyone! 

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I’m European, though. 

Craig Ferguson, 4.22.11

Karen Gillan on The Loch Ness Monster.

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Craig: You’ve seen the [Loch Ness] Monster?
Karen: Yeah!
Craig: What did it look like then?
Karen: It’s big and green! With humps!
Craig: …. did you just mime “hump”?
Karen: Yeah. I’m regretting though.

Craig: Here, quickly,take this back to Scotland.
Karen: Okay!