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Favourite Female Character:

Good afternoon! My name is Jo Lupo and I will be saving your ass today.

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Jack Carter, as eloquent as always.

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“There was a time when i wanted this so much, but i was afraid i’d mess it up. I made the wrong choice. I don’t want to miss out on us again.”

- Eureka 5x13 “Just Another Day”

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Eureka isn’t just a town, it’s an idea.

A place where intellectual aptitude is celebrated, not ridiculed. Not only is it okay to be smart, geeky, or obsessive… it’s required. Don’t let all the explosions, AI takeovers, and space-time disturbances fool you. Eureka is a damn fine place to live.

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I was looking around to see what kind of shows were out there, what could I possibly work on. And I read a lot of pilots, and when I read the pilot of Eureka — and this was five months before I was ever lucky enough to land a gig on the show — I said to myself, “Wow! This is exactly the kind of show I want to work on!” It’s funny. It’s got great science fiction, epic ideas and has a big quality to it. It’s got some romance, it’s got some sparks. You know, there’s a great romance between… What would become the romance between Carter and Allison. There was still the inkling of it was still there in the pilot script. And it was so imaginative! It was a two-hour pilot, so you could really sink your teeth into the world and really understand what the possibilities were for the show. And I saw the possibilities as endless. (Writer Eric Wallace)

Eureka 1.01 “Pilot”


Thank you, Jaime, for such a wonderful show ♥


“It’ll be just like in Star Wars when Han Solo put Chewie in handcuff to fool the Emperors guards.” - Eureka 5.12 “Double take”

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